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COVID-19 and Weddings

Guys. My heart goes out to all of my couples, and even non-clients, that have had weddings planned in these last few months. It all came so fast, and what is supposed to be such exciting weeks leading up to one of the best days of your life could have turned into a very stressful, unknown change of plans. Postponements, cancellations, elopements, all to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

As wedding professionals, it breaks our hearts to watch our beloved couples go through this, but we are here to help, and doing everything in our power to make it a smooth transition, and still the most meaningful time! I hope that one day you can look back on this memory and say "Wow, what a crazy situation! Once in a lifetime circumstance, who knew it would be us!" And the important thing is that your still crazy in love, still officially married, and still going through this life together, healthy and safe. But it doesn't always feel that way, does it?

Photo by: Tracy Burch Photography

The couple pictured above (Katie and Todd) got caught in a rain storm on their wedding day! Although you can't see the rain in the picture because it had just started, it was a crazy, unexpected moment during their wedding and this picture will never let us forget it! I remember when I got married (supposed to be outside) and I woke up on D-day and there it was, pouring like I had never seen before. Back then, I wasn't a wedding professional, and I thought I could outsmart mother nature. But there was other plans for me. We ended up moving the entire thing indoors, and it wasn't exactly the way I had pictured it, but still beautiful nonetheless. To this day, I will never quit hearing "They say rain on your wedding day is good luck!" Psht, I'd be lying if I said I saw it that way.

The way I look at the current situation, the celebration may be postponed, but we will make sure your love is celebrated one way or another. Thank goodness we can postpone the day to a later time, and not be caught in a storm on that day!! As a wedding planner, it is my job to stay calm for you. I feel the anger, sadness, and confusion that you feel, but I have also learned how to re-work the details, whatever it may be, and get you TO the best day of your life.

The best advice I can offer to couples is this: Know that you have not only great vendors backing you up, but great friends in those vendors. Those that have a passion for the work they do, and also a passion for the couples that we meet and take care of along the way. We will bend over backwards to make sure we can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help, and to assure you that you WILL get your day, and it will be with peace of mind, health, and safety. So, although you don't feel like laughing now, try your best to make light of the situation, and know that it will be worth the wait! <3


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