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Let's Talk Planners!

Alright, we've all heard it. "I'll just plan it myself, and I have a (insert family member/friend here) who will take care of everything the day of the wedding!" I'm not saying it's wrong to want to save some money on your wedding by utilizing the help of family and friends, I mean it is a huge investment after all. But that's just it, your wedding day is a huge investment, probably one of the larger one's in your lifetime, so don't leave it all to chance by cutting corners on your planner/coordinator!

Whenever someone asks me "why did you become a wedding planner?", well - here's my story:

I'm a super-nerd, and once upon a time I was looking for something to go back to school for. I came across "Event Management" at the University of Central Florida and thought it sounded like so much fun. What better way to utilize my organization skills than planning events? While going to school, I became the Vice President of the Association of Bridal Consultants Student Organization. While still in school, I was planning my own wedding, and got married shortly before I graduated.

I did not hire a planner, because that's what I was going to school for, right? I knew what I was doing, and I had "family and friends" to help me along the way. Well, I WISH I had hired a planner. If not to help me plan the whole wedding, then at LEAST to be there for me on my wedding day to tell everyone what to do and when to do it, so that I could be left alone to enjoy the day without worrying about details!

So now I strive to help bride's on their wedding day. Do I love planning with them through the whole process? Yes, it's my absolute favorite! I love making a wedding special and unique and memorable for the couple. But at the very least, I want bride's to understand why it is SO IMPORTANT to have a coordinator there for them on their wedding day.

So, here are the most important reasons why planners and coordinators are a MUST for your wedding, not just a "maybe" or an "I can do without":

*Planners can help with your budget. We plan a lot of different weddings each year of varying locations, sizes, styles and so on. We work with vendors around our area and know how to match you with the right ones to keep you on track with your budgeting and expectations.

*Planners will fight for your vision, and help you keep the planning process on track.

*Planners can keep things stress free. As the wedding day approaches, we are here to handle all of the conversation and final details with ALL your different vendors.

*Planners help you coordinate the entire day, instead of just one aspect of the wedding. Instead of relying on all your different vendors to get the job done, as well as family and friends to make sure it's all happening while they try to enjoy the day, having a coordinator on-site whose ONLY focus is your wedding running smoothly is a sure way to keep you relaxed and worry-free.

It may not seem like it now, but ask married couples who didn't hire a wedding planner if they would do it again without one, and I bet they would say they wish they had a planner! A planner's job isn't easy, but I absolutely love the couples I work with, the connections I make, and the memories that I help create, and that's why I do what I do!!


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